About Us


Ed Graham is the company’s President and oversees day to day operations.

After serving in the US Navy Ed joined a small privately held Software Company. Ed’s sales and marketing knowledge helped this software company’s sales team optimize revenues with SEO tools as the Internet began to become the frontier in sales and marketing.

Ed served as a Vice President of multiple divisions of the NASDAQ listed company. This included the Emerging Markets divisions where the dawning of the Internet would eventually shape sales and marketing activities to the level it has today.

Todd McCally is the Chief Technology Officer and Director of SEO Activity and Research. In the past Todd has owned and managed two Internet-based businesses himself. Seeing the future and knowing that SEO was the best marketing and sales investment a company could make, Todd immersed himself in SEO in 1998. To date, this team has achieved 100% success in optimizing over 40,000 websites nationwide.

Todd is the Guru of all SEO Guru’s and his (and the teams) time tested and proven expertise, unique SEO knowledge and long record of successful implementations are the reason we will provide you a 100% money back guarantee. Todd can literally see around corners and knows what it takes to put you on page 1 and keep you there. This is very rare expertise to be sure.