We work with our clients consultants frequently. We explain the way we work together with your consultant and then we will ask for their permission to work with you. To date we have received only affirmative responses.
We humbly agree and this is the most common question we get. However, we have developed unmatched expertise in optimizing nearly 11,000 client’s websites. We have not refunded a single client of our 11,000 for failing to get them to Page 1. This lengthy and sustained success rate is why we are confident enough to guarantee your Page 1 listing.
Because you use PPC you will know exactly how much money we will save you. Our “average client” has increased their traffic by 3 to 5 times their PPC traffic level for only 1/3rd (33%) of the investment. Remember, Organic placement never turns off but PPC does.
We believe to be great at what we do requires us to be true experts. We have the ability and the know how to perform additional services and we have done this for some clients. However, we have found that SEO has provided the highest return on its investment versus other Internet Marketing tools. Hence our tight focus is tied directly to our stated goal of making our clients the most profitable in their industry.
No. Once you achieve Page 1 listing on the search engines we will keep you there or you may simply stop paying us. That is the ultimate business proposition we can make for you, we perform or we don’t get paid.
Yes, we use only approved (White Hat) methodology that is acknowledged and awarded placement by the top Search Engines. Because of our venerable experience and expertise with SEO we have developed “very unique” strategies and processes that enable us to guarantee your Page 1 placement.