The Process

Analysis: Without a thorough and professional expert analyzing your website against your competitors and similar companies, no one can know what kind of effort it will take to increase your leads, reduce your on-going cost and keep you on Page 1 of major search engines. We will provide you with a detailed proposal once we have completed our research and know without a doubt we can perform at the Page 1 level for you.

What you see is what you get:  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we thought by publishing our pricing you will be confident we will never overcharge you, not invent new fees and will be completely transparent – just as any true “business partner” should be. We will rigorously analyze your site professionally and provide you with the investment numbers.

No contractual obligation: is necessary since we act and operate as a true silent business partner with your company. Therefore, we will continuously perform and provide a recurring R.O.I. for you or you may stop paying us. We cannot set the situation up any better for you and your company than by being forced to perform for you or sacrifice our relationship.

Value Statement:
Part 1: At the commencement of the relationship, either you profit by getting to Page 1 or we will return your investment. You cannot lose.

Part 2: Once you have reached Page 1 then the R.O.I. is measurable and easy to calculate. We perform or you stop paying us. 

Pay Per Click clients:

Are you currently paying-per-click for your visibility and lead generation? If so, you’re paying 5 to 20 times more per visit than is necessary. Our team has helped over 10,000 businesses stop paying their PPC plan which typically results in up to 5 times more traffic to their site at 1/3rd of the expense they were paying.

Our own Software Company paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in PPC to be on Page 1 of Google and Bing search engines. Then we invested in SEO and increased our leads while simultaneously saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also receive more sales opportunities for a fraction of the cost.

There is no better sales and marketing VALUE than organic search traffic.