When you search your company’s name do you see negative information? If you do, this is hurting your business and costing you sales. Maintaining your reputation online is more important now than ever before. We will help restore your reputation!

  • The negative on-line information about you or your company may be false but a potential client isn’t going to confront you with the information, they will simply go to your competitor. You will not have a chance to sell them.
  • While we cannot erase history, our expertise in Search Engine Operation and ranking enables us to use reverse SEO Strategic practices to suppress the revenue killing issues.
  • We will implement multiple digital strategies for LONG TERM results. A small sample of these strategies include: writing positive articles, launching websites with 100% positive information, Optimizing for great Search Engine placement and replacing the harmful information with positive and lead generating information in the search engines.
  • We helped a business stop a $300,000.00 per week hemorrhage by pushing the negative information down to the 3rd and 4th page of the search engines. Few people search past two pages of results.
  • Our Strategic Reputation Management process will fight the negative information head-on and suppress it. We have helped hundreds of clients return their on-line presence back to a status of increased lead generation and increased sales. You have sales leads and revenues to gain so why would you wait?

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Case Study

How much is it costing you by waiting?  We helped a client’s business stop a $300,000.00 per week hemorrhage by pushing the negative information down to the 3rd and 4th page of the search engines.  In most every instance, we can’t make the derogatory information go away but we can make it a whole lot less prominent as most people don’t search beyond the 2nd page of the search engine results pages.  It took multiple articles submitted to various news agencies plus 58 distinctly different websites to do it but within three weeks, business was picking back up and in a few more weeks it was back to normal levels!

If you find yourself fighting a battle with negative information on you or your company, we can help you. Our Reputation Management Strategic Marketing program has proven itself to be 100% successful.